Ferdinand von Schirach has put it short and to the point and calls in his book “Every Human” for a kind of update to our fundamental rights in Europe:

“We, the citizens of Europe, grant ourselves six new human rights that respond to the great challenges we face today: the preservation of our environment, the assertion of our digital self-determination, our life with intelligent machines, truth and not lies as the foundation of our democracy, and above all, the end of exploitation in a global world.”

The fundamental rights formulated by von Schirach and advocated for by the “Every Human e.V.” foundation are:

Article 1 – Environment

Every human has the right to live in a healthy and protected environment.

Article 2 – Digital Self-Determination

Every human has the right to digital self-determination. The exploration or manipulation of humans is prohibited.

Article 3 – Artificial Intelligence

Every human has the right that algorithms affecting them are transparent, verifiable, and fair. Essential decisions must be made by a human.

Article 4 – Truth

Every human has the right that statements made by public officials are truthful.

Article 5 – Globalization

Every human has the right that only goods and services produced and provided in compliance with universal human rights are offered to them.

Article 6 – Fundamental Rights Complaint

Every human can file a fundamental rights complaint with the European Courts due to systematic violations of this Charter.

The 6 new fundamental rights are visionary, just, and above all, simple. Everyone can read, understand, and endorse them.

Why are the 6 new fundamental rights also important for digital freedom rights?

Article 2 – “Digital Self-Determination” and protection against exploration and manipulation would, as a new fundamental right, completely change the game in many disputes concerning the use of new technologies. Current issues such as:

  • Warrantless data retention,
  • Unwanted telemetry data collection by operating systems like Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS,
  • Unintended profile creation by internet service providers and investigative authorities,
  • Trading of our private data,

would become illegal, and we would suddenly regain sovereignty over our data.

If you want to support the fundamental rights mentioned above, you can sign here to show your agreement.

Sources, Tips and Links For Further Reading

https://jeder-mensch.eu/en, the official website where you can support this vision, 29.02.2024