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You want to support a good cause?

Every hand and every penny helps me defend our right to
Privacy and self-determination
in the digital world.

With your help, I want to free 100,000 people from the digital dependency of internet corporations. It’s about restoring privacy, anonymity and internet security for everyone.

I am happy about everyone who wants to get involved directly. Typical work would be, for example, improving website content, translations, research, technical tests, creating training documents, conducting workshops, launching social media campaigns and of course networking with like-minded people.

If you would rather support my work with a voluntary donation , you can transfer me a one-off amount or a standing order to the following account directly and free of charge throughout Europe.

Owner : André Klose
IBAN : DE09 8207 0024 0634 9641 00
BANK: Deutsche Bank Erfurt

Would you like to dedicate your donation to a specific topic? Simply indicate the project you are donating to on your transfer.

Here are the current projects:

  • Expansion of BaseCamp – Expansion and regular updating of the free Self-Defense BaseCamp.
  • Self-Defense Kids – Development of a workshop to sensitize adolescents, young adults and their parents to the topic.
  • Translation – German – English, English – German

I will inform you about the receipt of donations and their use here.

Join the Party!

As a hands-on person, do you want to drive things forward?

Support actions

Do you want to support a good project?

Every cent helps to enforce our right to privacy and self-determination in our digital lives. We want to establish these values in schools as part of Internet and media literacy and protect them permanently by amending the Basic Law.

Become part of the movement

It takes enthusiasts and people who want to make a difference.

The next step is our collective! I imagine a “wild” bunch of very different types. Ethical people who are prepared to fight for digital freedom and privacy. Welcome on board!

Just learn

The CloudPirat Academy will be your knowledge island if you want to further your education.

As a student, you have access to free workshops and exclusive course offers and to a community that will hopefully grow rapidly and strongly. Because knowledge means freedom – not only digital!

Until then, your are welcome to ..

Current blog articles

For all those who want to protect their privacy on the Internet and surf anonymously and securely as far as possible. I offer a structured and step-by-step introduction to the topic of digital self-defense with my free Self-Defense BaseCamp.

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