BaseCamp Update – Almost everything in daily life can be done with a cell phone or tablet. These devices are more important to us today and often easier to use than a computer. As we usually carry our mobile companions with us 24 hours a day, we are always online. I have therefore published three new articles in BaseCamp on the subject of cell phone security.

In Part 1, the basics for everyday mobile life, you will learn everything you need to know to get your cell phone and apps back under your control, similar to a car driver’s license.

Part 2, Privacy and Security for the Apple iPhone comes with a step-by-step configuration guide to make your iPhone as secure as possible. Recommendations for apps that protect your online life and your data are also included.

Part 3, Build your own “freedom phone” with GrapheneOS – A GrapheneOS phone is a freedom device that offers high privacy and security by being fully compatible with Android, but without the privacy concerns typically associated with products from major manufacturers like Google or Apple, as it does not transmit any personal data to these companies.

PS: The article is unfortunately not quite finished yet, but will be soon.

Important! If you haven’t checked out my Self-Defense BaseCamp yet, I recommend that you read a few basics before reading this cell phone article series.

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