Ferdinand von Schirach summed it up and called for a kind of update of our fundamental rights in Europe in his book »Everyone«:

“We, the citizens of Europe, give ourselves six new human rights that respond to the great challenges we face today: preserving our environment, asserting our digital self-determination, living with intelligent machines, telling the truth and not them Lies as a prerequisite for our democracy and, above all, the end of exploitation in a global world.”

The fundamental rights formulated by Schirach and promoted by the “Jeder Mensch e.V.” foundation are as follows:

Article 1 – Environment

Everyone has the right to live in an environment that is healthy and protected.

Article 2 – Digital Self-Determination

Everyone has the right to digital self-determination. Harvesting people’s personal data or manipulating people is forbidden. Harvesting people’s data or manipulating people is forbidden.

Article 3 – Artificial Intelligence

Everyone has the right to know that the algorithms imposed on them are transparent, verifiable and fair. Key decisons must be taken be a human being. Key decisions must be made by a human being.

Article 4 – Truth

Everyone has the right that statements made by officials are true.

Article 5 – Globalization

Everyone has the right to be offered only those goods and services that are produced and provided in accordance with universal human rights.

Article 6 – Fundamental Rights Lawsuits

Everyone has the right to bring a lawsuit before the European Courts when the Charter’s fundamental rights are systematical violated.

For me, the 6 new basic rights are visionary, fair and, above all, simple. Everyone can read, understand and sign them.

Why are the 6 new fundamental rights also important for digital freedom rights?

Article 2 – “Digital self-determination” and protection from exploration and manipulation would, as a new fundamental right, completely change the tide of many debates about the application of new technologies. Current topics such as:

  • “Unreasonable Data Retention ”,
  • unwanted telemetry data collection from operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS,
  • unwanted profiling by Internet service providers and investigative authorities,
  • trade in our private data,

would be illegal and we would suddenly regain sovereignty over our data.

Do you also want to get involved in this important project? Then give us your vote.

Sources, tips and links for further reading

Netzpolitik.org , Why we need 6 new fundamental rights for Europe , April 2nd, 2021

Bijan Moini, Member of the Board of Directors of the Jeder Mensch e. V. and author of the book “ The Cube ” has drawn up a declaration on the new fundamental rights with other lawyers, which you can read here .