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Campaign radius: Europe Duration: Fall 2023 Goal: Withdrawing the new law Published:03.03.2023
What can you do?
The European Commission is planning a law that in the future will use artificial intelligence to search all messages, texts, images and video messages of every EU citizen, always and without reasonable suspicion, for evidence of child pornography and child molestation. ...
Jeder Mensch - Für neue Grundrechte in Europa
Campaign radius: Europe Duration: unlimited Goal: Change Published:15.12.2021
What can you do?
The initiators of "Everyone - Six New Fundamental Rights for Europe" wrote in their appeal: "Politicians no longer seem to be able to cope with six of the greatest challenges of our time: environmental destruction, digitization, the power of algorithms, systematic lies in politics, uninhibited Globalization and threats to the rule of law. ...
Reclaim Your Face
Campaign radius: Europe Duration: August 01, 2022 Goal: Change Published:2.4.2021
What can you do?
Biometric data includes data about our body or our behavior: fingerprint, palm print, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina recognition, typing rhythm, gait, voice and much more. ...
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