What is the “Self Defense BaseCamp”?

The Self Defense BaseCamp is an introduction to defending privacy and IT security. It is suitable for all people and families with a normal everyday Internet, work or school life. Used consistently, it is a good start to protect you from cybercrime, mass surveillance by internet corporations and overly curious investigative authorities.

The BaseCamp stands for a new beginning. A gradual further development and a rethinking towards “Less, with more privacy, quality of life and security”. Also an understanding of what is happening to our world right now and why it is important to stand up for our privacy. and to fight for it just as much as for our environment and nature conservation.

And even though I describe many technical concepts and applications in the “Privacy Toolbox” section, for me it’s not just a collection of apps that you can quickly install. Because what should happen step by step to the graduate of the BaseCamp is an understanding of:

  • Data economy,
  • the importance of secure encryption (without a backdoor for investigative authorities),
  • the secure assessment of trustworthy providers of technology, software and services,
  • the advantages of crowd-funded and open source applications,
  • the superiority of decentralized (so-called federated or deplatforming) solutions and their advantages for the user and his privacy compared to central cloud-based offers.

In principle, my Self Defense BaseCamp is:

  • a gradual adjustment of one’s own behavior,
  • the implementation of the proposed concepts and behaviors,
  • a gradual adaptation of the applications, operating systems and devices used.

What’s next after the Self Defense BaseCamp?

If you feel comfortable with what you have learned in BaseCamp, if you have internalized it, you can confidently approach the extended topics presented in Advanced Self Defense .

Advanced Self Defense is aimed at people with a higher risk of being threatened, such as activists, journalists, companies, just anyone who cares or needs it. It is the 2nd stage after the BaseCamp and will take place in the CloudPirat Academy.

The lessons of the BaseCamp

(1) Changing habits and usage patterns

(2) Data economy

(3) Strong Passwords & Passphrases

(4) Privacy Toolbox

(5) Secure and private on computer and cell phone

(6) Self-liberation – logging out of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Co.

Sources, tips and links for further reading

All content described in the Self Defense BaseCamp is part of my belief. I’ve been researching the topic since 2016. I test and live all concepts and applications myself in my digital everyday life. I regularly update new developments.

My special thanks go to the following organizations and people. From their sometimes different perspectives and recommendations, I tried to form a usable condensate for everyday life.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an international NGO based in San Francisco. The EFF has been campaigning for digital freedom rights for 30 years.

accessnow, an international initiative for digital freedoms. Among other things, AccessNow maintains a 24×7 HelpLine that actively supports civil rights activists, activists and journalists in defending their IT security.

PrivacyGuides, very reliable source with constantly updated recommendations for trustworthy and secure IT solutions that protect your privacy

Kuketz-Blog , the best German blog on IT security and privacy.

Restore Privacy , a US blog with a strong focus on digital privacy and IT security. Everything well tested and described.

Tactical Tech Collective , international non-professional based in Berlin. You deal with the impact of technology on society. Projects such as “Digital Detox” = digital self-defense or “Exposing the Invisible” = Internet research in public sources are really extremely well done.