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Duration: approx. 30 min
Lesson: What do I need cloud storage for and why is end-to-end encryption important? Set up secure cloud storage

We can store backups on cloud storage services on the network, work on joint projects with colleagues or exchange pictures or videos with the family. Popular providers of these services include Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox. We all know and use this.

As a rule, cloud storage encrypts your data on its way through the network and on its servers. But since cloud storage providers hold the key to encryption and decryption, we have to trust that they:

  • protect your keys from attacks,
  • not decrypt our data and analyze it for advertising,
  • hand over our data to investigative authorities, should local laws permit.

What is the solution?

Here at BaseCamp, I recommend using cloud storage as a simple solution, which allows you to encrypt the data from your end device. Only you know the key. This is called end-2-end encryption. The cloud storage provider only stores your encrypted data and has no knowledge about it. He has so-called “Zero Knowledge” (no knowledge) about the content.

Here are my recommendations for two secure cloud storages solutions:

In advance (as of today, May 5th, 2021) I did not find any information that either of the following providers had made the source code of their technology open source or had published an external audit. Both solutions are chargeable.

Tresorit – Tresorit is a premium provider from Switzerland. The solution works with end-to-end encryption (zero knowledge) and offers sync clients for all “important” platforms ( including Linux ) and mobile devices. There are tons of features and collaboration options. This certainly makes Tresorit a bit more attractive for companies and makes it seem a bit too complicated for individual users. Tresorit is comparativly expensive. – is based in Canada, which I don’t think is a disadvantage given the end-to-end encryption. Nevertheless, many privacy advocates generally advise against providers from the “Five Eyes” of the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia, as these countries combine their efforts for total surveillance of the Internet and exchange data.’s prices are a bit more moderate than Tresorit’s, but the functionality is also a bit simpler. is a solid solution for single users with the following limitations (as of May 5th, 2021):

  • all data to be synchronized must be in one folder,
  • there is no linux sync client.

Next Level / Pro Corner

A sensible alternative to using a provider such as Tresorit or is to operate your own (private) and secure cloud storage solution on your own server. This is more complex and difficult and therefore part of the CloudPirat Academy.

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